10 Suggested Landscapes For A 2019 Trip To Myanmar

You may get stunned by the time you landed Myanmar since the country is full to the brim of iconic sights and engross you into both modern and antique beauty. Your confusion will be no longer a case if you equip yourself a pack of 10 most preferred landscapes in Myanmar. 
1.    Bagan Plain
It can not be a more ideal choice for tourists who seek tranquil space and peace in mind. Whenever Myanmar is mentioned, ancient Bagan seems to be a perfect introduction of the nation’s culture which is deeply Buddhism oriented. It is also the most ancient capital of the first empire founded by the king Anawrahta with over 2000 sculptured temples and pagodas built from the 11th century. 


A hot air balloon ride over the horizon is a worthwhile experience to watch the sunset 


…Or seize the moment of sunrise in Bagan


For several pagodas and temples, stairs are offered for visitors to reach higher areas where we meet the spectacular scenes of temples interwoven among deep green forests just by overlooking the distance. 




Bagan’s beauty is also discovered through the simple look at the local people’s lives or getting access to the untouched village.


2.    Inle Lake
It is said that your stay in Myanmar will be incomplete without paying a visit to Inle Lake, the so-called most adorable and iconic lake for Myanmar people. Not only well-known for the ecstatic beauty due to the calm look of the lake surface and stilt houses rising from the marshy reeds but Inle is also where we deeply engage in local people’s activities.   




By taking a boat ride, we float and creep into every corner around the lake to explore the habitat of Inthar (an ethnic group of Myanmar people). You must be amazed by catching sight of the unique and traditional fishing style when fishermen control their boats by just one-leg. It is a must-not-miss place in the top list if visitors seek the opportunity to explore the culture via local people.



3.    Yangon – Shwedagon Pagoda
Though Yangon is no longer the capital of Myanmar, it is known as the largest city and “the land of glittering pagodas” where Shwedagon Pagoda is located. The sparkling gold, flickering candlelight, and the sacred atmosphere will make you feel overwhelmed when visiting Shwedagon, the most sacred Buddhist Pagoda in Myanmar. This is also a place to keep four sacred treasures of Buddhists. Because of dignity, some kinds of informal clothes are not allowed in the temple area. 


The golden beauty of Shwedagon is breathtaking after the darkness falls and highly recommended for tourists.



A touching scene in “Friendzone” movie indicates the front area of the Pagoda where tourists can worship and show respect to Buddha


4.    Mandalay
At the center of Myanmar located a city on the bank of the poetic Ayeyarwady River, Mandalay is once a royal city of the country. Today, it remains a particular hub for cultural exploration comprising the iconic Mandalay Palace, which was once home to a lineage of the royal dynasty and the Mandalay Hill overlooking the perfect city. That is why the city has a cosmopolitan atmosphere.  


Travel by cruise is most chosen as an authentic and peaceful experience


In addition, do not miss any mentioned places: Shwenandaw Kyaung Monastery, Mahamuni Pagoda and Kathodaw Paya, also known as the world’s largest booking sites. Right outside the city there exits four ancient towns being around Mandalay: Mingun, Amarapura and U Bein Bridge (one of the most photographed places in Myanmar), Inwa (Ava) and Sagaing that will not disappoint any tourists.


Take time to vist Dee Doke falls then you will be filled with fun and freshness


5.    Ngapali Beach
The sea has never been a boring landscape for most visitors. Among many gorgeous beaches, Ngapali is a dreamy one with a length of 7km with white sands under the lush green coconut trees, clear turquoise sea waves clatter. For people pursuing the wild and rustic, Ngapali beach is the most suitable choice in Myanmar tourist destinations. If you miss that place, it is a pity!



Hiring a bike to travel along the coastline leaves you unforgettable memories



A boat tour where local island and fishing village can be accessed just offshore the island


6.    Popa mount and Taung Kalat monastery
Popa mount can be called as an oasis in the center of dry Myanmar. To enjoy the spectacular view of the surroundings from the stupa, it takes you about 777 steps with your bare foot. In addition to being a tourist destination, the Taung Kalat monastery is a place of pilgrimage which was built right on the top of the mountain. It is widely believed that Taung Ma-gyi is the home of the Nat gods. On the route to the top of Popa mount, monkeys can be found in lines which keen on playing the mischief with tourists. 




7.    Golden Rock Temple
Golden Rock, also known as Temple Kyaikhtiyo, is one of the numerous famous monuments of Myanmar and one of the very few natural masterpieces.  The Temple is remarkably located on an egg-shaped rock but the attached surface between the rock and the ground is very delicate. Surprisingly, it has been there for ages without showing any signs of collapse or erosion. 


Every day, the monument is welcoming hundreds of Buddhists from every corner of the world 



This is also a place of worship where different kinds of ceremonies are carried out


8.    Kalaw
If you are a real fan of trekking, you will never be let down by coming to Kalaw, a renowned trekking spot for most Myanmar tourists with the rugged trail. Kalaw is a hill town, at the height of 1,320 meters, the climate is a cool escape from the sweltering heat of tropics. You can take a short walk around the area to pass through many ethnic minority villages then head to local markets.  


Fresh products, locally grown fruit, and vegetables at Kalaw market


After long walks burning much energy, lying down on the hilltop may soothe down your body. If you desire to indulge your soul more, do not hesitate to spend time in Thein Taung temple, a place for you to discover Myanmar’s culture and religion through an old look.


9.    Mrauk U
“The forgotten archaeological site” or “hidden gem” is what people talk about Mrauk U, the second largest center of pagodas and temples surrounded by tropical forests and massive mountains, just following Bagan. What distinguishes Mrauk U with Bagan is the story of architecture as all pagoda constructions were built from stone bricks and hidden in small villages. Sometimes, it is called as the “Angkor Wat of Myanmar” due to some similarities with the wonder in Cambodia. 




Through ups and downs, under the effects of inevitable nature and time, many temples in Mrauk U have been severely damaged. Therefore, the desolation may be your first impression of the place if you are new there. But do not worry, thousands of hidden things are waiting for you to explore. The journey to this ancient city will give visitors the feeling of being lost in another world as they walk among thousands of Indian statues of Buddha in the faint mist.


10.    Pyin Oo Lwin
The Pyin Oo Lwin town is home to species of flora and fauna. The houses still retain the English style of architecture that used to be a resort of British officials and soldiers to avoid the hot summer of Myanmar. Take out your list and note down several suggested activities for you in Pyin Oo Lwin: taking a horse-and-cart ride, taking a stroll through the botanical gardens named “National Kandawgyi Garden” or crossing over the Goteik Viaduct by a train journey,…




Goteik Viaduct connects the town Pyin Oo Lwin with Hsipaw


We guess you are completely excited and willing to step into the legendary kingdom and alluring sceneries. Without a doubt, “seeing is believing”, plan your 2019 tour right now to Myanmar for your heart to be stolen.  

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