Get Yangon Visa online before booking your flight to Yangon, Myanmar

Your flight to Yangon, the old capital of Myanmar cannot come true if you do not own a Myanmar eligible visa.  All questions about your journey to Yangon and visa online will be explained now. 

1.    Why do more people travel to Yangon?

Among a bunch of landscapes in Myanmar, Yangon is considered to be a must-not-miss site when visiting the country. The city is a land of glittering pagodas and also known as the old capital and the largest city of Myanmar. 

Attracting tourist destinations

Beside the natural beauty, Yangon is captivating due to its diversified culture. Being a densely populated city, Yangon has a cultural and religious mix of different communities. Moreover, this city is also the main gateway connecting Myanmar to the seaports, so it is the economic center of the country. That is why Yangon has both ancient and modern beauty making it become the top destination in Myanmar.




Shwedagon Pagoda, which is the most well-known monument in Myanmar, is located in Yangon. The sparkling gold, flickering candlelight, and the sacred atmosphere will make you feel overwhelmed when visiting Shwedagon, the most sacred Buddhist Pagoda in Myanmar. This is also a place to keep four sacred treasures of Buddhists. 




In addition to Shwedagon, Yangon is also home to many breathtaking temples and pagodas, such as Golden Rock Temple (Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda), Sule Pagoda, Kandawgyi Lake,…where people gather to worship and pay their respect to Buddha.






A friendly and hospitable city

Visitors to Yangon always feel being welcomed because of the hospitality of the residents here. Free resting houses, free drinking water are the must-try specialties that you should not miss in order to deeply feel the people’s enthusiasm and care.




Yangon now is very safe to visit though you must follow some pocket tips to be aware of unforeseen situations. Be alert when making purchases, shopping, crossing the street or going out at night is a must whenever you are in a foreign country, not only Yangon, Myanmar. 


2.    Is Visa needed to enter Yangon?  

8 Southeast Asian countries including Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam are exempted from Visa to travel to Myanmar. If you are citizens of 8 mentioned countries, you have the right to stay in Myanmar up to 14 days without Visa requirement. 

Please be noticed, if you are not that case or you intend to stay there more than 14 days for tourism or business purpose, Myanmar Visa is strictly required. 






However, instead of waiting for hours under those heated days at the Embassy to get a normal visa, your trip will be easier if you apply for Myanmar eVisa instead. Myanmar eVisa is one kind of Myanmar Visa that can be applied completely online and more quickly. It is provided for non-Myanmar visitors who want to travel to Myanmar.

You do not have to wonder whether your home country is approved for Myanmar eVisa application or not. You can check the list of approved nationalities for Myanmar eVisa


3.    Where can tourists enter Yangon with the eVisa?

The Myanmar eVisa is only valid for single entry through one of 8 designated International Airports, one of which is Yangon International Airport




You must print and keep a paper copy of the confirmation of Myanmar eVisa. After that, you can use it to check in at the arrival airport.


4.    Some common mistakes need avoiding

  • Kids are exempted from eVisa: No, everybody must apply for a separate eVisa regardless of age.
  • Visitor from a cruise can enter Yangon with an eVisa: No one is allowed to enter either Yangon or any places of Myanmar via seaports.
  • Tourists are able to apply for Myanmar eVisa with a passport that will expire in less than 6 months: No, you need to review your passport for getting a new visa.




Our service is offered along with many benefits like document requirement checked, information double checked and correction when necessary and eVisa recovered via email in case it is lost, which not only are convenient but also save you much time. Therefore, a certain fee for Myanmar eVisa including service fee and government fee is reasonable.

Just by a few clicks of mouse at anywhere, you will be ensured about the soonest time to receive your Yangon visa online with reasonable costs and start booking your Myanmar tour without any concerns relating to your visa.


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