Myanmar eVisa and Visa on arrival (VOA), which is your choice?

With new types of visa such as Myanmar eligible eVisa or Visa on arrival (VOA), a very long time of applying for a Myanmar visa before your flight can be shortened.


1.    What is Myanmar Visa on arrival?

Visa on arrival (VOA) allows tourists to obtain their visa at the airport. It is a good choice for those who live far away from the Embassy or in emergency cases since they have no time for applying for a normal visa. VOA is granted at the airport check-in point, therefore, you must arrive sooner and prepare all of the required documents and proceedings. On arrival, you must queue up at the visa counter, then apply and pay for your visa. 




Benefits of Visa on Arrival (VOA)

Visa on Arrival is flexible and convenient, less time-consuming as compared to normal Visa. It saves you much time for traveling to the Embassy then back home and waits for a few days then travel again to take your full visa. 

Disadvantages of Visa on Arrival (VOA)

  • This visa is only valid for arriving at the airport or traveling by air. Therefore, if you tent to enter Myanmar by crossing the border or by cruise, VOA has no use in that case. 
  • In addition, you may face the fear of going through a long queue for visa processing at the airport because it depends on the number of passengers at the Visa landing counter each day. 


2.    How about Myanmar eVisa?

Myanmar Visa online or eVisa is a type of Myanmar Visa that is applied and processed completely online. When the traveler submitted all of the information and data to the eVisa portal, the approval letter and visa will be sent via email and can be downloaded once the application is approved. 





3.    Which is better for you?

Visa on arrival (VOA) and eVisa have many advantageous things in common: convenience, simplicity, time-saving and cost-saving. Both types of visa cannot be used for traveling to Myanmar on the cruise.

However, nowadays, Burmese government (Myanmar’s government) seems to limit the number of applied nationalities for VOA, except some Southeast Asian countries: Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, The Philippines, Thailand, or Vietnam.  Whereas, the list of qualified nations for Myanmar eVisa is longer and up to 102 nationalities. 




Furthermore, Visa on arrival is only valid for traveling to Myanmar by air while if you own an eVisa, it is valid for single entry through not only 3 designated International Airports (Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw) but also 5 Myanmar Land Border eVisa Checkpoints.  



The border gate – Tachileik


It is simpler and quicker with 3 steps to get a Myanmar visa in a few days. The application just requires you a device connected to the Internet since all proceedings are carried out online, including filling the information, receiving and payment. But take note that you must print and keep a paper copy of the confirmation of Myanmar eVisa to use it at the check-in point.

Just by spending a few time online to apply eVisa, it saves your time at the border on arrival. You can go straight to get your passport checked with just one queue. However, the eVisa is limited on the length of stay in Myanmar base on the purpose of your trip.

Our service is offered along with many benefits like document requirement checked, information double checked and correction when necessary and eVisa recovered via email in case it is lost. Therefore, a certain fee for Myanmar eVisa including service fee and government fee is reasonable. You will be ensured about the soonest time to receive a visa online.



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