Top 3 ideal places to stay in Myanmar

If you are self-traveler or not on a tour, you may wonder where to stay in Myanmar so that it is convenient for your journey to discover Myanmar’s cities. The guide below will show you.

1.    Yangon

Though no longer the official capital of Myanmar, Yangon remains Myanmar’s largest and most commercially important city. Therefore, the accommodation there seems to be pricier than other areas. However, the standards are rising with the rise of a new generation of guest houses which help to relieve the older generation of crazy and expensive hotels. Here is our pick of top 3 choices for tourists to stay in Yangon. 



Downtown Yangon

The downtown area of Yangon, also known as Yangon Centre Business District, is the commercial center, which has a mixed beauty of colonial buildings, historical sites, and modern constructions.  This is the most thriving area of the city with iconic pagodas and temples, museums, and local markets. Sule Pagoda, Bogyoke Aung San Museum, and the Mingalar Taung Nyunt Market,… are must-not-miss destinations once you come to the Downtown Yangon.




If you have been to Yangon for the first time and want to be close to some popular destinations but still modern and convenient, Downtown Yangon will be the most ideal place to stay. Furthermore, those travelers who consider themselves culture vultures may want to stay in Botahtaung township, as it is equipped with many structures built during the colonial era that will impress even the most avid of the designer.




There are three types of hotels for tourists to choose: luxury, mid-range and budget hotels.

  • Luxury hotels: The Strand Hotel, PARKROYAL Yangon,…
  • Mid-range hotels: Best Western Chinatown Hotel, Taw Win Garden Hotel,…
  • Budget hotels: Sule Sapphire Inn, 15th Street @Downtown Yangon,…


Northern Yangon

Northern Yangon is a quieter and more peaceful area and home to historical sites and buildings. One of the most thriving areas in the north of Yangon is the Mayangone Township, which is equipped with a number of pagodas, churches, and monasteries. 



In the north of Yangon located Shwedagon Pagoda


Northern Yangon is just a short drive away from Downtown Yangon, making it easy to get to the central city for sightseeing, dining, and shopping. Like the Downtown, the area has a wide range of prices. 

  • Luxury hotels: Savoy Hotel, Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon,…
  • Mid-range hotels: Summit Parkview Yangon, Merchant Art Boutique Hotel,…
  • Budget hotels: Pickled Tea Hotel, Hundred Moon,…


Inya Lake

Inya Lake is the largest lake in Yangon, Myanmar and a popular recreational area. The shores of Inya Lakehouse a variety of hotels and restaurants, making it a relaxing and convenient place to stay.




If you want to enjoy a quiet side of Yangon that most tourists don’t see while still being only eight to 10 kilometers from the rest of the city, Inya Lake is a good place to base yourself during your time in the city.

  • Luxury hotels: Melia Yangon, Lotte Hotels & Resorts Yangon,…
  • Mid-range hotels: Bike World Myanmar, The Link Yangon Boutique Hotel,…
  • Budget hotels: Majesty Residence, Yangon Hub,…


2.    Bagan

Whenever Myanmar is mentioned, ancient Bagan seems to be a perfect introduction of the nation’s culture which is deeply Buddhism oriented. Spread across a vast plain, hemmed in on two fronts by the Ayeyarwady River and home to thousands of monuments, Bagan is an evocative and fascinating place to explore.

However, accommodation is less diversified and a bit expensive. Bagan is separated into three main areas: Nyaung U, Old Bagan, and New Bagan. 

Old Bagan (to the Northwest)

This is where the majority of popular temples and pagodas, as well as restaurants, can be found. That’s why the accommodation here is extremely pricier than the other areas since it caters to the more upmarket travelers. 


Luxury hotel “Myanmar Treasure Resort” that costs up to 80$ per night


New Bagan (to the Southwest)

It is the new area that was apparently built to resettle the population from Old Bagan to make way for the tourist development in this area. It still has a few temples dotted around but not as much atmosphere as Old Bagan. The hotel price in New Bagan is at the mid-range and become an ideal choice for most tour groups. 



Not luxury as Old Bagan but not “budget price” as Nyaung, the area has a wide range of local restaurants and Western dishes at different prices, bars and pubs for you to chill until the midnight. 


Nyaung (to the Northeast)

If you are a backpacker and prefer budget accommodation, this is the best place to hire a cheap room with basic facilities. The room price here starts from only 15$ per night. You are on the journey to discover and do not have enough time to be outside and visit monuments, why do you have to stay in a luxury hotel? Perhaps stick to a mid-range or cheap hostel here can save you much money for a balloon ride over Bagan that costs a lot. 




In tourist-orientated Bagan, large numbers of high season visitors make prices jump even more. In low season (April, May, June, July, September, and October), many excellent deals can be found on hotels and restaurants due to the competitive prices between agencies. 


3.    Mandalay

At the center of Myanmar located a city on the bank of the poetic Ayeyarwady River, Mandalay is once a royal city of the country and known as the second largest city of Myanmar, after Yangon. Mandalay Hill overlooks the city and is dotted with pagodas and stupas, making it one of the top 3 must-visit cities in Myanmar. 




Unlike Yangon, Mandalay is not a walkable city. The landscapes are far from each other, therefore, walking is never a choice. Therefore, the best choice is sticking to the center of the city. It will be easier for you to access convenience stores, restaurants, clinics, ATMs, and other facilities.

But to stay in those places in Myanmar strictly requires an eligible visa. Therefore, do not forget to get your Myanmar visa ready before booking your flight and accommodation. And do not worry because we are ready 24/7/365 to support your process of application to Myanmar eVisa with 3 steps.


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