Using hot-air balloon service in Bagan, Myanmar: 5 needed pocket tips

Enjoy the ancient beauty of Bagan is imperfect if there is no hot-air balloon service. However, this adventure experience will be safer and better if you follow these 5 pocket tips. 

1.    When to take a balloon ride in Bagan?

It is not easy to use this luxury service in Bagan since it depends on the weather, price and other things. Therefore, if you have a chance to fly with this hot-air balloon in Bagan, try it at the appropriate time.

What month in the year?

Though the sky in Bagan is commonly filled with hundreds of colorful hot-air balloons from the October to May annually, November is still supposed to be the best month to visit Bagan and see special hot-air balloons since there occurs “Taunggyi” festival at that time.  



“Taunggyi” festival, also known as “Festival of Lights” or “Taunggyi Balloon Festival”


The main ceremony takes place on the main day of the festival, November 6th.  However, many activities relating to hot-air balloon are held 5 days before, including hot-air balloon competitions, public parades, and firework that captivating millions of tourists every year. It is believed that flying hot-air balloon is the Burmese tradition to repulse the evil and unlucky things.



People are firing a hot-air balloon before launching it to the sky




What time of the day?

Watching the whole complex of over 2000 sculptured temples and pagodas of Bagan over the horizon leaves you unforgettable memories. Particularly, when dawn and sunset fall, Bagan becomes extraordinarily beautiful, a beauty that comes from the past.




Early morning is the best time to fly in a balloon to seize the moment when the sun rises. Dawn in Bagan is as beautiful as a masterpiece. The sun rises after ancient towers, nearly 2,000 ancient temples are covered by white mist and high above are floating balloons. The scenery makes visitors feel lost in paradise.



 Breathtaking Bagan sunset


If you are a sunset lover, catching sight of sunset from above the sky is a suggestion you must not miss in your bucket list. The golden light of sunset reflected on the surface of religious constructions make it become more ancient and mysterious.


2.    Cost for a balloon-ride

The balloon ride is a must-not-miss specialty when traveling in Bagan though tourists may drop a crazy amount of money for this luxury experience. 

There are 2 types of prices for tourists: standard and premium. Both are from 290$ and over for each person. Every balloon flight lasts for about 3 hours, in which the time staying in the balloon is about 45 minutes or an hour.




Hot air balloon in Bagan can become a highlight of your trip in Myanmar. If you are on the ground, you will not be able to imagine the vast temples in the small town of Bagan, but from above, you will admire the incredible beauty of the temples in Bagan field with the majestic Irrawaddy River.  If you can afford that luxury service, do not mind but bite the bullet and just do it. Many years later, we are sure that you won’t remember how much you paid anyway, just the fantastic memories.


3.    Balloon booking company

There are three booking companies as options for your balloon flight, namely “Golden Eagle”, “Balloons over Bagan” and “Oriental Ballooning”.  There is not that much difference among these operators. However, most tourists have reviewed Oriental Ballooning as the safest, most professional and most popular operator. Oriental Ballooning has a limit of 12 passengers in the basket and is a premium balloon ride in Myanmar. 




It is better to check with the balloon service company about the wind condition before scheduling to avoid windless days since it will become a dull experience. Furthermore, because it is a hot service and limit the number of flights per day, please be sure you book in advance at least 1 month before your trip.


4.    Seasons

Make sure your flight to Bagan is at the right time. The ballooning season runs from October to May when the weather and climate are the most stable. Safety comes first because, at other times of the year, balloon ride can be canceled due to unseasonal rain.   



Occasionally a burst of flame would shoot up as the balloons were prepared for taking off.


5.    Health and clothes requirements

Athletic shoes and long pants are required for the trip.  For your safety, shorts, open-toed and high heeled shoes are not allowed.  Due to the heat generated by the balloon, a hat is preferable for tall passengers. Please be notified of your health if you are afraid of height or have back or leg problems, it is not a suitable experience because you have to stand most of the time. 




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