How to travel responsibly in Myanmar?

Myanmar is an emerging destination with hauntingly beautiful attractions. The country is calling for more and more visits. This article has some guidelines to assist travelers to have a responsible travel in this fascinating country.

1. Buy locally

Explore the markets and try new local delicacies. Plus, by buying directly from the farmer, you make sure they are compensated fairly for their goods.

2. Haggle right

No matter what, stay friendly and keep a smile on your face. You can always walk away. Besides, even if the price seems exorbitant in the local currency, chances are it wouldn’t cause you to break a sweat at home.

3. Pay attention to local customs

The first rules in Myanmar are to pay considerable respect to Buddha. The Burmese regarded Buddha as a sacred and highly respected figure. When shopping, pay attention to what you buy, especially if it is rare or old items which could be a national treasure or of archaeological importance. Avoid buying ivory or animal skin objects, which means helping the Government fight this illegal trade. If you buy art or antique items, ask for a certificate of authenticity. Also, remember that antiquities of a religious nature cannot be legally moved out from the country. Finally, in terms of Myanmar law enforcement and personal safety, do not enter the prohibited areas.

4. Conserve water

Water is a valuable resource, so try not to waste it by taking long showers or leaving the tap running.

5. Use refillable water bottles

Fewer countries lack recycling facilities, so every plastic water bottle you buy will end up in the trash.

6. Ask before taking a photo

Some societies believe that taking a photo takes a person’s soul, so exercise caution and ask before you snap someone’s picture.

7. Think carefully about souvenir choices

Make sure your purchases don’t condone activities that are illegal or environmentally damaging. Avoid ivory, endangered wood, ancient artifacts and endangered animals.

8. Respect the environment

Stay to the paths if you go trekking, don’t damage coral if you go diving and absolutely do not remove anything from its natural environment. Stick to local national park rules and regulations.

9. Reduce emissions

Explore the country by using public transport or a bicycle - or just walking. This way, you can do your part to prevent pollution and meet local people while you’re at it!

10. Get involved

It can be a great idea to immerse yourself in the local community. Just don’t forget to ask before entering a holy place and make sure you respect local traditions, including dressing appropriately (many religions require you to cover your shoulders and legs before entering holy buildings).

11. Book your trip with local tour operators

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